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Medicines Database

These apps have an extensive database of medications, which can be searched by brand name, generic name, or active ingredient. Each drug entry provides detailed information about the medication, such as its indications (conditions it treats), dosage forms (tablets, capsules, injections, etc.), recommended dosages, and administration instructions.


Near by Agency Search

We helps medical users to locate near by medical agencies or healthcare facilities in their vicinity. We utilise location-based services and provide information about near by Medical agencies, distributors, healthcare providers, other medical and non medical products distributors.


Consult with pharma dealer

We provides the list of pharma dealers with all contact details like phone number, emailid, location and navigation etc. If anyone have any kind of enquiry or want to know about medicines information and availability or substitutes, they can consult with pharma dealers directly.

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About us

MS MED - Online platform for Pharma Companies, Dealers, Distributor & Medical stores.

MS MED application is designed for the medical store users and distributers with convenient access to information about various medicines, including their uses, dosages, side effects, interactions, and availability. MS MED aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare by offering reliable and up-to-date information about medications.

MS MED provides the accurate searches and substitutes for the medicines. It helps to the medical users and distributors to find out exact information of the medicines. We provides allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements and other health-related products information on a single click.

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